Awakening Body Consciousness: Seven Steps to Integrating Body, Mind and Heart

Book cover for: Awakening Body Consciousness: Seven Steps to Integrating Body, Mind and Heart

Awakening Body Consciousness: Seven Steps to Integrating Body, Mind and Heart
Patty de Llosa. Sussex Academic Press, 2020

Heartfelt, practical, accessible, spirited

Come alive to your Body Being — the multi-faceted container that takes us everywhere we want to go and helps process everything that happens to us. Whether you wish to explore spiritual development, practice your own presence in the world, or simply live more richly, Awakening Body Consciousness was written for you. It links the teachings of scientist and sage, of Knowledge and Being, providing practical advice and exercises to help you cultivate a new level of body awareness. This seven-step path to vibrant physical, mental, and spiritual health unites body consciousness with the heart’s own sense of truth and the mind’s best attention.

Why seek spirit through the body? Because it is the nexus where soul and spirit connect with the ever-thrumming energy of life within us. Our DNA, our psyche, the hands that create and the minds that invent — all are aspects of the living body and are dependent upon it. Awakening Body Consciousness combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science to reveal how our bodily presence, our sense of everyday presentness, can serve as a bridge toward the I-consciousness within us.

Are we thinking animals? Are we minds dragging a body along behind us? What is mindfulness full of? Rooted in the author’s decades of bodywork and studies of world religions and ritual practices, psychology and neuroscience, Awakening Body Consciousness forges a new path to developing conscious awareness. Through the practice of attention to our own presence-in-the-world, we are able to open ourselves to the experience of unity in body, mind and heart.

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Excellent book and well worth reading…
Awakening Body Consciousness is a valuable must-read for anyone wishing to understand the balanced integration of our mind & body. Patty de Llosa is an excellent writer who offers you a clear perspective based on the most recent neuroscience merging into timeless metaphysical teachings that ring as true today as it did during the dawn of Yoga 3000 years ago. Most importantly, Awakening Body Consciousness will wake you up! Not sometime in the future, but right now as you are reading this review. Are you “simply in your head” or are you aware of your habits as you’re sitting here reading? Slumping over your computer or smartphone asleep to actually what is physically happening. You have a choice…”
—Michael F., Amazon, August 16, 2020
(Note: Master Alexander teacher Michael D. Frederick, who often teaches the technique to Hollywood stars, has adopted the book for his advanced classes in Los Angeles).

A towering work on how to become human
“This book is a must-read. Patty brings her many years of experience in a wide range of deep inner practices to address the question of who we are, and what it means to approach Being in a new way. While you may not have heard of organic sensation of Being, it’s a profoundly transformative inner practice. This book is by a true master of the art. If you read it and pay attention to its message, it can help change your life from within. It doesn’t achieve this by applying formulas, forms, or institutionalized belief systems; Patty’s insights invite us to a new way of exploring who we are from the ground floor, before everything else happens.
I cannot recommend this book enough.”
—Lee van Laer, Amazon, June 6, 2020

Wisdom from a Master Practitioner/Teacher of Body Consciousness
“These days, I am surrounded by friends and family who are focused, for therapeutic and self-improvement reasons, on the subject of “mindfulness.” With no disrespect, I find myself wondering, “mindful of what?” Awakening Body Consciousness clears away the ambiguities and uncertainties, and points to the “what”. Nearly every page is filled with useful practices and sage advice. One cannot help but feel the book was written as a labor of love, with a genuine wish to benefit others. Patty de Llosa knows whereof she speaks. If you are drawn to the concept of body consciousness, you will not regret getting this book.”
—J. Andrew Goodman, Amazon, June 15, 2020

Awakening Body Consciousness is a clear, authentic must-read in the pioneering new field of body-to-mind awareness that upends 400 years of ‘I think therefore I am.’ Highly recommended!”
—Michael J. Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and Body Learning.

“In this transformative book, Patty de Llosa draws on the latest neuroscience as well as a lifetime of diverse wisdom practices to guide us to the Holy Grail of spirituality: the union of mind and body in the service of our true Self.”
—Jeff Zaleski, Editor and Publisher, Parabola magazine.

“As Patty recommends, take care of your body first. If you want to have good spirit, create a container for it!”
—Robert Peng, Qigong Master, author of The Master Key

Awakening Body Consciousness invites us to become aware of the sacred nature of the body, and that all levels of reality, material as well spiritual, are potentially mirrored in it. Patty brings many very helpful exercises for ensouling the body and embodying the soul.”
—Ravi Ravindra, author of The Wisdom of Patñjali’s Yoga Sutras and other books.

“How do we get so separated from our bodies, our souls, and how to begin the reparation of this schism? Awakening Body Consciousness provides a most helpful roadmap to this recovery process from a sure-footed mentor to those peaks and declivities awaiting each of us in the healing voyage.”
—James Hollis, Ph.D. Jungian analyst, author, most recently of Living Between Worlds: Finding Personal Resilience in Changing Times.

Awakening Body Consciousness builds many important bridges as it integrates cutting edge neuroscience with timeless metaphysical teachings. Practice diligently and watch the changes unfold!”
—Steven Weiss, D.O. Director, The Medicine Lodge Clinic.

“I challenge you to take a leap and actually embody what Patty is calling you to taste in this vitally important book.”
—Michael D. Frederick, Senior Alexander Technique Teacher.

“Patty brings a completely new edge to ‘presence-ing,’ step-by-step clear instructions as to where one can actually locate enlightenment.”
—Biet Simkin, spiritual teacher and author of Don’t Just Sit There.

Awakening Body Consciousness: Seven Steps to Integrating Body, Mind, and Heart by Patty de Llosa was straightforward and discussed exactly what the title suggests – body consciousness. Body consciousness, or conscious awareness, is, essentially, a mental state where an individual is truly aware of the events, situations, and actions occurring in their life. In this book, the author starts by addressing what body consciousness is, why readers should choose body consciousness, and explaining that bringing the mind, body, and heart into a balanced relationship can help in numerous ways. They learn the basics of the practice, as well as recommendations from the author. Readers then learn how to rely on their senses, process pain, and heal. They are taught to be accepting of their own thoughts, feelings, actions, and those of others so they can properly address bad habits and create new ones.

Awakening Body Consciousness is a good starting point for anyone looking into meditation, mental health, or spiritual health, among other things. It addresses many points that are discussed in counseling – acceptance, quieting the “monkey mind,” and learning to heal. That said, the book does only have seven steps and those looking for further information can start here before looking elsewhere. However, Patty de Llosa provides examples and research information that is useful to move forward. In addition, I quite enjoyed how the book was motivational and non-judgmental. The author encourages readers to live their own truth and not to criticize oneself. This was helpful to encourage a conscious shift towards this practice.”
—Shannon Winings, Readers’ Favorite Review

Transformative and Enriching
“This is an informative and enriching book which encompasses neuroscience with metaphysical teachings. Patty’s passion for examining unconscious drives and reconnecting with one’s authentic self comes through each chapter. I found the book well-written and easy to follow. It is a step-by-step process of integrating all parts of ourselves: mind, body and spirit. It asks us to become more self-aware and to explore why we habitually do what we do and to examine why we are holding on to things that no longer serve any useful purpose; thereby allowing us to make healthier choices. I loved the exercises and meditations as well as the emphasis placed on the importance of breath, being grounded and learning to live in the present moment. A great book for those seeking to expand their sense of Self and to learn new ways of intentional living.”
—Ann Connolly, Amazon, June 17, 2020

Knowledge brings awareness.
“Not being one who easily quiets the mind nor focuses on one task for an extended period of time, I found myself surprised by how simple suggestions in this book proved very helpful. Techniques for noticing all parts of my body with my mind improved my posture, which reduced pain and improved my disposition. One book may not quickly change a lifetime of habits but knowledge brings awareness.
—Susan Weiss, Barnes & Noble, June 18, 2020

A Whole Lot, and Then Some
“The author offers the interested reader a great many things to unpack. To say that she has been an explorer of internal territories would be a *Big Understatement.* And in this book, she has gathered up her notes and organized them around her lines of interest, highlighting and integrating them, and explaining their potential.
A person with buddhistic tendencies might describe the author as someone who entered this life with a considerable store of good karma, for she has certainly frequented Masters. (No, I mean really.) Her writings indicate that she has made good use of her opportunities. I was tickled to see her feature Jeffrey Schwartz’ 4-step approach to changing behavior, just because it can be life-changing. Her way of weaving her references into the various passages afforded many chances to stop and find books or articles on the Net; many are gems. And it was interesting to see her quote Germaine Fraser in one section, a lady of no small talents.
This book is a real toolkit, filled with all manner of “indications” for the sincere seeker. My congratulations to the author on a fine job. Highly recommended!”
—Walt, Amazon, July 11, 2020

A wonderful description of the ways to body consciousness. A+
“In her latest book, Awakening Body Consciousness, Patty Llosa shares her wealth and myriad ways to connect with the body mind. Everyone has a body, and should read this book to explore the body consciousness. The mind and the body must learn to act together, in order to BE. A mind connected to body consciousness leads to a powerful and ever new exploration of our very selves. A must read.”
—Ziprgun5, Amazon, July 28, 2020

A must to enhance your life!
“Patty’s Awakening Body Consciousness is a well of knowledge, wisdom, and practical proposals to nourish all levels of yourself… an inspiring book to accompany you to a higher level of being in your everyday life…
Patty has combined in this book, scientific research, ancient wisdom and her long journey of personal search in an enlightened way, accessible to all…
To be tasted with joy at a tranquil time…
Thank you, Patty.”
—Chlimper, Amazon, August 14, 2020

This Book is a Gem
“This book is amazing! A wonderful way to remember that the body is the way in to the heavens! There is no other way in. Patty is a master.”
—Jessie Brooks, Amazon, September 11, 2020

An Invaluable Guide
“The strongest take-away I have from Awakening Body Consciousness is the idea of getting out of the way so that something else can enter. In the days when we used to fly our own plane, I was struck by the fact that the plane wanted to fly straight and level. It was when I tried to over-correct that it became problematic. I have had the realization so many times in my life that the thing is to remain available to possibility. I don’t know why this is so difficult to hang onto. This is where I think the book is so invaluable.

Awakening Body Conscsiousness references Mount Analogue at the end. For me, one of the most powerful metaphors from that book is the idea that those slightly higher up on the mountain help those below them and that one accepts help from those close to them, not so far up that they are inaccessible. Awakening Body Consciousness condenses a lifetime of exploration into 126 Pages and is arranged so that people at different stages on the mountain can find what is helpful to them at the time. It is interspersed with a rich assortment of quotes from a variety of wise people, as well as the author’s generous sharing of her own experiences. There are many practical suggestions for ways to integrate mind and body. It is my own experience that suggestions that are so helpful to begin with have a tendency to wear out. What stood out for me is the suggestion: Stay in Front of the Lack. Over all, Awakening Body Consciousness suggests that it is a never-ending process. It is a book to be kept available and to be read and re-read.”
—Hila F., Amazon, November 13, 2020



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