Patty de Llosa

Patty de Llosa is author of The Practice of Presence: Five Paths for Daily Life (Morning Light Press 2005), Taming Your Inner Tyrant: A Path to Healing through Dialogues with Oneself (A Spiritual Evolution Press 2011), Finding Time for Your Self, and co-editor of Walking the Tightrope: The Jung-Nietzsche Seminars as Taught by Marion Woodman as well as a consulting editor of Parabola Magazine.

Patty has led group classes, daylong workshops and weeklong intensives in the Gurdjieff work, T’ai Chi and Taoist meditation. She lives in New York City where she serves as a life coach and teaches Tai Chi, Taoist meditation and the Alexander Technique. Among her recent public venues are the Open Center, Wainwright House and the Lake Conference Center in New York State; Northern Pines Health Resort in Maine; the Peruvian Aikido Association in Lima, Peru; Columbia University Graduate Theater Program; the Society for Experimental Studies, Toronto, the New York Open Center.

After graduating from Swarthmore College, Patty worked as a reporter for Time Magazine for six years. She married a Peruvian and raised three children in Lima. When her husband became governor of Loreto province, she served as president of The Green Cross, in Iquitos, supplying treatment and medicines to the needy in the Amazon jungle, and coordinating a summer visit of American doctors and young people to help build roads and schools with the Peace Corps. Returning to Lima, she founded and ran the first foreign chapter of the United Nations’ pre-school, International Playgroup, for eight years.

De Llosa returned to New York in l979, where she worked for six years as managing editor of American Fabrics & Fashions Magazine, moving on to become associate editor of Time Inc. start-up Leisure and then deputy chief of reporters of Fortune. She retired in l999 to take the three-year teacher-training program at the American Center for the Alexander Technique, while working halftime as communications director of internet start-up e-academy, inc. Her most recent articles appear in the Summer 2011 Parabola (The Neurobiology of WE), Winter 2012 (Energy Therapy), Summer 2013 (Body Consciousness: Our Fundamental Power), and Winter 2015 (You Can Get Here from There).

Patty invites you to dialogue with her about her books and blogs at